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Distance Learning Model

Our Distance Learning Model

School is about relationships. Relationships with teachers. Relationships with peers. Relationships with coaches and counselors. That’s why at Lutheran South, maintaining those relationships during remote learning is our primary goal. We believe this is the most important thing we can do for our students. Because of this, we use Google Meet to connect with our students during quarantine. We take attendance even when they are on their couch and not in our classrooms. We want to make sure that no one is forgotten. We want every student to know that they are expected to continue working, but more importantly, that they are known and loved by other students, teachers, and God. Checking in daily with every student helps us achieve that.
Each one of our classes meets once per week with the teacher. If a student has to miss “live” class, the class is recorded for viewing later. Classes are broken down into groups of 15 or fewer students, so the teacher has time to connect with each student about his or her week and address any concerns a student may have. Students typically have one week to complete assignments, which have due dates and are graded.
Teachers have scheduled office hours during the week for each class. Students use this time to meet one-on-one with teachers, providing a time when both are fully focused and engaged.

All class sessions and office hours are posted on teacher and student calendars so students can easily see what classes they need to attend each week. Teachers follow up with anyone who is absent during the class with an email and phone call to the student and the parents. The purpose of these follow-ups is to stay connected with the student and address any needs that they may have.     
Our small groups (Kairos) meet twice per week and are directed by student leaders. These meetings provide students a time to hang out with one another virtually, to pray, hear each other’s highs and lows and join together in devotions. While we cannot wait to have everyone back on campus, we remain connected in our Lutheran South community.
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