2019-2020 Academic Course Guide

Lutheran High School South offers a variety of courses in a rigorous academic program, including Theology, English, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Foreign Languages, Health and Physical Education, Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Industrial Technology, Art and Music.

Lutheran South defines coursework using the following terms:
A CREDIT is assigned to two semesters of work that meet minimums of combined in-class and out-of-class work completed by the student.  A typical one-semester class receives a half (1/2) credit toward graduation. A typical year-long course receives 1 full (1.0) credit.
A STUDENT HOUR is used to define the rigor and time requirements of the different courses. Each course is assigned a value between 1 to 5 student hours per semester. The average, grade-appropriate course will have a value of 3 student hours. More rigorous or advanced classes are valued at 4 or 5 student hours. Courses that require less time each week to complete at a satisfactory level or require less than average rigor to complete are given a value of 1 student hour.  Students must maintain a minimum of 21 student hours each semester.

In order to graduate with a Lutheran High School South diploma, students are expected to be good stewards of their time and talents, and they are required to earn a minimum total of 27 credits. 

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