Student Life

House System

A Place to Belong.

The Lutheran South House System is designed to develop student relationships across all grade levels and enhance school spirit and a sense of belonging. Houses provide students with an additional avenue for involvement and engagement with their school peers. Students and faculty are assigned to large family groups for the purpose of cultivating peer support and mentorship. The goal is to create emotional and social engagement by intentionally targeting the development of positive relationships outside typical academic interactions.
Each house has nobles with representatives from each grade level. The Nobles are chosen by their House peers and are representatives who meet with faculty and other House courts. The Houses will spend time together in social and competitive events. Houses earn points that will be tallied monthly. Each house has its own symbol, motto, and crest. 
Namesake: Mark Behling

Symbol: The Shield

Motto: Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison. -  "Lord, divine fire, have mercy." 

Colors: Sky Blue and Crimson
Namesake: June Hill

Symbol: The Helmet 

Motto: Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. - "Here I stand. I can do no other." 

Colors: Dark Blue and White
Namesake: Herm Meyer

Symbol: The horse

Motto: Magna est veritas et praevalet - "Great is the truth and it prevails."

Colors: Deep Magenta and White
Namesake: Roy Pfund

Symbol: The Chest Armor

Motto: Auddax at fidelis - "Bold by Faithful"

Colors: Carmine and Black
Namesake: Tom Reck

Symbol: The Gauntlet

Motto: Esto fidelis usque ad mortem et dabo tibi coronam vitae. - "Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life." 

Colors: Forest Green and Pale Grayish Blue 
Namesake: Shirley Rauh

Symbol: Plume

Motto: ecce nova facio omnia. “Behold, I am making all things new.”  (Rev. 21:5)

Colors: Purple and Yellow
Namesake: Wilbert Rusch

Symbol: Sabatons

Motto: qui vicerit faciam illum columnam in templo Dei mei.  “The one who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God.” 
(Rev. 3:12)

Colors: Grey and Navy
Namesake: Larry Torbeck

Symbol: The Lance

Motto: Fiat Lus - "Let there be light." (Genesis 1:1)

Colors: Golden Yellow and Light Sky Blue
More than 90% of our students are involved in at least one co-curricular activity.
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