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Develop your creativity.

Love to create? Explore visual arts at Lutheran South. Take an art class, or maybe take them all! You can also put your creative skills to work as a member of the Art Club and be selected to National Art Honor Society.
Visual Arts Courses

Art I-A
Art I-A is a fundamentals class that deals primarily with the development of specific drawing skills and techniques.  While this class was designed with the beginner in mind, the advanced student will also find new challenges and areas of interest.  Art I-A, in addition to Art I-B, is a prerequisite for Art II, Advanced Drawing, Ceramics, and Sculpture.  

Art 1-B
Art I-B is a fundamentals class that deals primarily with the basic manipulation of clay and pottery, color and paint.  Here students will discover many new skills that are usually not covered in pre-secondary art education programs.  Art I-B is a prerequisite for Art II, Advanced Drawing, Ceramics, and Sculpture.  
Art II: Two Dimensional Design and Painting 
Art II is an advanced course that provides a strong emphasis in the areas of two-dimensional design, painting and computer graphics. This course seeks to increase artistic ability through the creative manipulation of the elements and principles of art. Here students will also receive a detailed series of tutorials on how to handle various artistic mediums and subject matter, including photography, comics, and animation.  

Art History
Art History is a survey course that focuses on the scope and sequence of not only Western art history but also Eastern, African, and American; prehistoric to present.  This course, while employing a strong focus on art and art production, is truly interdisciplinary in that it includes to some degree the realms of history, sociology, geography and architecture.  During the year students will be expected to visit local art museums, research and report on special topics, and contribute to in-class discussions. This course fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for Lutheran South and does not include making art. This course is an AP class that may earn the student credit for college.

Ceramics is an advanced class that deals exclusively with the production of art pottery and greatly expands on the information learned in Art I-B.  Here students will receive a better understanding of advanced ceramic techniques ranging from Native American craft to the Japanese art of Raku and everything in between.

Sculpture is an advanced course that provides students with an opportunity to experiment and work through exercises dealing with three-dimensional design.  Mediums include clay, plaster, paper, and found objects.

Advanced Drawing
Advanced Drawing is a challenging course that is designed for serious art students who wish to further their drawing abilities beyond the basics.  Here students will learn how to employ new drawing techniques and mediums, how to think and produce work in a way that is truly creative, and experience artistic freedom on a new and broader scale.


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