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Who We Are

Home of the Lancers

Welcome to Lutheran High School South, home of the Lancers! Lutheran South is a co-educational, private, Christian school serving 540 students in grades 9 through 12 who live in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and the surrounding areas. 

At Lutheran South, we blend a strong college prep curriculum with opportunities for co-curricular, service and athletic activities to help you mature and grow as a young Christian. We’re large enough to provide many different opportunities for you to explore, yet small enough for you to find your niche. Together with your church and family, we help you grow in your faith, develop your strengths and meet the challenge of new opportunities.

More about us

  • We are an inclusive Christian community, focused on learning and growing in faith.
  • We welcome students from various ethnic, racial, socio-economic and academic backgrounds.
  • We prepare students for success in college, providing a solid foundation for their future.
  • We encourage students to be involved in a variety of activities.
  • We encourage interested student-athletes to play two or three sports.
  • We model Christian leadership in service.
  • We ignite curiosity and critical thinking.
  • We teach students how to defend their faith.
  • We are committed to personalized attention and building relationships.
  • We value our partnership with parents as they entrust their children to us.
  • We offer substantial scholarships, grants and financial aid awards.


Lutheran South inspires students through a Christ-centered lens to live courageously and serve faithfully.


Remember who you are because of whose you are.
We view ourselves and others through a Christ-centered lens.
Providing excellence in a co-ed, Christian high school in Saint Louis, Missouri.