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FlexMod Schedule

What is the FlexMod Schedule?

The FlexMod schedule is just that: a flexible schedule of modules that allows Lutheran South to provide an even higher level of individualized attention for students while preparing and serving them in our inclusive community.

In our FLEXMOD SCHEDULE, the instructional day is divided into modules or MODS. As a Lutheran South student, you will learn in Large Group, Laboratory and Small Group settings. Teacher-designed instructional time and student-independent learning time are the flexible, or “Flex,” part of creating a FlexMod schedule. This flexibility provides opportunities for you to receive the additional teacher contact time, group project time or individual study time you may need during the school day. The FlexMod schedule also gives you the opportunity to develop organizational and time management skills you will need to be successful at the university level.

In the FlexMod schedule, each class period is made up of two to five 25-minute “mods” or modules, and is structured to better fit the needs of each academic area. This allows your schedule to be more flexible in assignment of courses each day. The academic year is divided into two semesters. Students take a combination of one-semester and two-semester courses.


Within the FlexMod schedule, students satisfy three areas of work for graduation:

■ Credits: 28 (additional credits possible)
■ Student Hours (ensures balance of coursework)
■ Elements (such as modules on Personal Finance, Constitution, ACT Test Prep, college guidance, etc.)

In addition, during flexmods, students will choose from supervised opportunities for individual or group work, life skills/service activities, or completion of elements.

Meet Us: Christian Burns

Christian Burns
"The Flexmod schedule puts multiple breaks in the typical seven-hour school day, allowing students to really get a grip of time management not only at home, but during the school day. Using offmod time, I've been able to do homework and extra studying for tests during the day, start and finish group projects, as well as apply for colleges."

Christian Burns 
Class of 2017

The Benefits of FlexMod

As we prepare our students for lives dedicated to Christ and for success in college, we are committed to helping each student move from the middle school learning model to a more collegiate learning model. Through the FlexMod schedule, students will have these benefits:
  • Student learning is maximized when courses are designed with frequency and duration most appropriate to the course content.
  • Students develop time management skills necessary for college success.
  • Students are able to take additional courses.
  • Students experience more one-on-one time with teachers.
Students will be guided through the transition from a more traditional freshman schedule with very little flex time to a senior schedule that more closely resembles college.
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