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LuSo Statement of Support for Asian & Asian-American Communities

LuSo Family and Community,
As many of you know, our country has, yet again, been plagued by a series of horrific violent attacks taking place in Atlanta, which took the lives of eight people, including six women of Asian descent. 

These incidents come in the context of a broader, deeply disturbing trend of anti-Asian racism and violence that has been seen around the country. We, as a school, are deeply troubled by these attacks and by any violence based on race, ethnicity, or gender. These acts are unconscionable and run counter to our mission of supporting a diverse and inclusive community in which we respect and affirm our differences and condemn violence.

It is undeniable that we live in a world ravaged by sin, sadness and despair, but in disheartening times such as these, we must take joy in knowing that this world is not our home. As Christians, God has promised us a home of eternal peace that we will not experience until we meet Him in heaven.

We at Lutheran High School South are extremely blessed to have an Asian student community that we love, value, and support. Their presence enriches our school and the educational experience of our student body, faculty, and staff. It is our joy and privilege to remind all of our students of their secure identity in Christ, as they are deeply valued, cherished, redeemed, and loved children of God.

We invite anyone experiencing difficulty in processing these events to contact the Lutheran South Counseling Department or Mrs. Jenna Nelson or Mrs. Ebony Sistrunk, sponsors of the Lancers for Equality and Diversity (LEAD) Club. 
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