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Kaylee Reeves Heads to The Citadel with a Passion to Serve Her Country

She is trading in her plaid skirt for Dress Blues, and she couldn’t be more excited.
This fall, Kaylee Reeves is headed to The Citadel: The Military College of South Carolina, where she plans to join the ROTC.

“I’ve always wanted to protect people,” said Kaylee, 18. “That is just a part of me, and ever since I was little I wanted to go into the military. I wanted to be like my dad. This is just something I am passionate about.”

Kaylee’s father is a former U.S. Marine Corps scout sniper, having served in Desert Storm. She has picked up a few tips from him like how to properly salute, shoot a gun, and correctly tuck in the sheets of a bed.

She is enrolling at the school, sight unseen. She had been planning to attend a liberal arts college until she received The Citadel’s acceptance letter right before the country went on lockdown.

“It was kind of it for me,” said Kaylee, who played field hockey and completed the STEM program at Lutheran South. “I am an extremely structured person. I thrive under routine and schedule. I am going to be in hog heaven.”

Born in Hawaii, Kaylee considers herself a beach bum. She also has lived in Texas and enjoys Southern hospitality.

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, The Citadel began enrolling women in 1996. Only 10% of the student body is female. One in three students receives a military commission, which comes with the rank of officer and a commitment of four years.

Kaylee is not sure which branch of the military she wants to pursue. She plans to major in criminal justice at The Citadel with the ultimate goal of becoming an FBI agent or a SWAT negotiator.

Whatever her future holds, she said Lutheran South has prepared her for what comes next.

“South has given me the confidence in my intelligence to pursue greater challenges,” Kaylee said. “It has pushed me to do things I never thought I could.”
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