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Lutheran School's Day at the Ballpark

The sun was out on April 7th as grade school families, alumni, students, and parents gathered for Lutheran School's Day at the Ballpark. Kicking off the game, Jackey Petersen, wife of LN grad, Erik Petersen, threw a beautiful first pitch right down the middle.  About 1,000 people from local St. Louis Lutheran schools enjoyed the game. 
Following the Cardinals game, a longstanding tradition since 1977, Lutheran North took on Lutheran South in a friendly game of ball with Lutheran South winning 10-0.   
The highlight of the day was LS junior Brandon Hager hitting a home run out of the park. 
As the ping of Brandon Hager's metal bat connecting with a ball rang throughout Busch Stadium, Steve Pfund sat back and enjoyed the show.
"As soon as he hit it, we all knew it," Pfund said. "It was one of those sounds that you just don't hear very often."
The Lutheran South coach knew Hager had just accomplished one of the rarest feats for a high school baseball player in a major league ballpark, but Hager was still unsure how hard he'd hit it as he put his head down and sprinted to try and stretch a hard hit into a double, maybe even a triple.
Hager looked up on his way to second base and smiled as he watched the ball fly over the left-field wall adorned with Cardinal legends. 
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