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LuSo... Looking Forward

May 2021 UPDATE: 

We learned a number of things over the course of the last 14 months. Somewhere near the top of the list is the fact that teaching and learning in a virtual environment is extremely difficult. The primacy of face-to-face was confirmed as the best way to communicate. And, relationships matter. God made people to need people; we were created for community. We were reminded that teenagers flourish in a structured environment with high expectations where they are known and loved. Based on our year of experience, we want to share what we believe will be our preferred future in light of what we know and what are still unknowns:
  • We plan on returning to our traditional attendance expectations. Students are expected to be in every class every day in person. While some typical absences will happen, students will be expected to make up missing work as normal.
  • We expect that there may be an extremely rare case where a student will be out of school for an extended period of time due to a legitimate, medically-documented need. In that case, our Administrative Leadership Team (including our School Nurse) will schedule a meeting with the family to discuss the situation and make a plan.
  • We have learned how to effectively teach fully remote classes. And, we’ve learned that some classes are simply impossible to teach and learn virtually. While we still are discussing the creative opportunities distance learning can present, there are currently no plans to offer remote classes for credit.
  • Teachers will not be expected to livestream lessons, so there will be no other synchronous options for students who are absent. The extra time, effort, and disruption that the hybrid model causes the teaching and learning environment is too significant. Instead, as normal, students will communicate with their teachers when they miss class.
  • While some schools have publicly stated their expectations for class sizes, face coverings, and spatial distancing for next fall, the truth is that nobody really knows with certainty. Our best-educated guess right now is that we will return to full classrooms for in-person instruction, but that we will still be wearing face coverings as recommended by the state and local public health officials. It is yet to be seen how the vaccination will impact the high school classroom environment. To be clear: we sure hope that there are no restrictions as we return to school!