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Your high school years will be filled with opportunities to learn more about who you are and the person God created you to become. At Lutheran South, you can find many ways to grow in your faith and share your faith with others.You’ll find friends to encourage you, teachers to support you, and a family that cares about you because we’re centered in Christ’s love.

Christ is at the center of everything we do — from academics to athletics to small group worship to our friendships. It’s not that our school is perfect — no school can claim that. But we do know we have God’s perfect forgiveness and that makes getting through the high school years much easier.
I've grown in my faith by consistently being around others that believe the same thing I do, as well as having either chapel or Kairos every day. I also have grown by the teachers setting a great Christian example for us everyday as they pray with us and take prayer requests before every class.

Maddie Butterfield
Class of 2018

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